We have lived in our new place for about a year and a half now and have consistently had trouble getting a strong wifi signal from one end of our 100+ year old apartment to the other. I can only assume the reason is the walls are full of lead, asbestos and moxie. Centrally locating the router and modem was not an option due to the lack of cable outlet near the ideal location. It was either front, or back, period. In the front of the house I needed a wired connection for our TiVo but the office and most computing is done in the back of the house. My first attempt was to relay the signal from the Apple Airport Extreme through a Linksys e1000 with DD-WRT installed to act as a wireless, wired hub. This worked but the connection still suffered and we suffered with this option for far to long.

Eventually our Airport Express started dropping out entirely causing tons of frustration and a TiVo that wouldn’t TiVo. So I decided to reassess our home network.

I picked up a new ASUS RT-N66U Router and a pair of Actiontec Ethernet over Coax MoCA Routers. First of all the new router is a beast and did increase our signal slightly in the front of the house but not enough to run it alone. Enter the MoCA adapters. These little guys turn your existing coax run in your house into a wired network. They can only be used if you are on standard cable and NOT satellite as they take advantage of frequencies that regular cable providers do not use. Setup was as simple as setting up a password (not required but of course highly recommended) on each unit and plugging them in. I have one connected to the router via Cat5 and the other in the living room connected to the DD-WRT router acting as a floating access point (Same SSID, Password, and Encryption as the main router). This system has worked absolutely flawlessly and has solved all of our networking issues. I am definitely sold on MoCA.