How long will it take to see my photos after the shoot?

This will depend on the type of session. Engagement, Seniors, Family and Fashion usually take a couple weeks to edit and get on the web. Wedding’s may take 3 to 4 weeks due to the amount of images shot. Keep in mind that every hour of shooting can require up to two hours of image editing. I will usually try to put photos up in groups as I edit them that way you don’t have to wait too long to start enjoying your images.

What is a “Print Copyright”?

If your package includes a full resolution photo DVD you will receive a “Print Copyright” with your disc. This allows you to print to your hearts desire wherever you want, whenever you want. This also will allow you to display your images on the web, or social websites as long as credit is given to Jarod Knoten Photography. This does not allow you to submit my images to photo contests, nor does it allow you to sell the images. If you would like to submit your images to a contest please notify me beforehand and I will be more than happy to make arrangements.

Can others take photos at my Wedding?

Absolutely! I don’t mind at all. But I do prefer, especially when taking formal pictures, that guests not shoot until I am finished. This is to keep people from not knowing which camera to look at, and it helps to speed things up after the wedding. With limited time between the wedding and reception, we need to utilize that time to ensure you get the best pictures possible.

How do I order prints?

All print ordering is done through the client proof section of my website. This section is super easy to use and makes it easy for anyone to order pictures no matter where in the US they are. You will have your own personal gallery after your photos have been edited where you can order everything from standard 4×6 prints, to canvas wraps, and even specialty items like photo postage stamps (Great for wedding invitations or thank you notes!)

I would like to book a session outside the Greenville area. Do you travel?

Absolutely! I love to travel. My standard rate for travel is $.55 per mile (round trip) for anything booked 120 miles or less from Greenville. If your location is more than 120 miles from Greenville travel rates plus $150 per night lodging will apply.

Do you shoot Digital?

My setup is 100% digital. I use top quality Nikon Professional FX “Full Frame” cameras with fast aperture lenses. This will provide you with the absolute best quality images with excellent color depth and the lowest noise ratio on the market. I have a fully digital workflow which speeds up the proofing process considerably, allowing you to get your pictures in the fastest manner possible.

Do you have backup equipment?

Definitely! I would never dream of showing up to a shoot with out a fail safe. I will always arrive with multiple cameras ready to fire away.

How do I stop the music from playing on your….. Wait.

Thats right, no music on my website! Continue listening to your own choice of music! And don’t worry about trying to find a mute button.

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